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By its very definition, emerging media is something that is in a constant state of change. Now, with so many new forms of media coming into view, and not one a custom fit, how do you determine which course, what direction, what action will be the most appropriate and effective for your enterprise?

You don’t have to like it, but that won’t alter the fact that the world of communications around us is rapidly changing. This shift is dramatically affecting  advertisers and marketers in the business and non-profit communities.

There is a necessity to shift the way we communicate our brand message. Not the message, the way we communicate the message.   Relationships and brand development require more unique and targeted selling points than in the past. Complete transparency is a critical component as we build relationships with new customers regardless of our product or service. 

kit jeerapaet eric kennedyI assist my clients with message development, web presence, branding strategies, and social media.

In my role as a consultant, I offer my clients the opportunity to tap into numerous resources. In many cases, my diverse knowledge base can replace the necessity to hire multiple staff members within their organization. When more human resources are needed, I work with clients to identify and recruit the best people for a more permanent "in-house" solution. 

I have over 25 years of experience in media and work with clients small and large from 25 to over 30,000 employees.

In the final analysis, I work with my clients realize their messaging objectives,  preserve working capital, and more importantly, precious time. If you're ready to take a new look at your messaging strategies, if achieving your goals while increasing economic efficencies appeals to you, if you're moving in a new direction, I may be able to assist you in that process.  

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