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Eric Kennedy - Advertising Design, Traditional Media and Social Media, Tampa, Florida

tampa social media By definition, emerging media is something that is in a constant state of change. And now, with so many new forms of media coming into view and not one a custom fit, how do you determine which course, what direction, what action will be the most appropriate and effective for your enterprise?

Being so closely involved with your marketing on a daily basis can make it difficult to have an objective view of where you're positioned in the marketplace. I’ll help you review your online presence across multiple platforms and then, we can optimize your efforts using the most effective strategies and best practices.

Let's take a look together at your brand's message. And not only the message, but the way and how you distribute the message.   Perhaps the time has come to upgrade your client relationships and enhance the perception of your brand.  You don't need to make a permanent hire for this skillset in-house, you can retain my services (or any private consultants) and spend 90% less to get the job done.

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clearwater florida media expert eric kennedyI assist my clients with message development, web strategy, branding, media planning and social media.

In my role as a media consultant, I offer my clients  assistance in dealing with their traditional media needs, specific targeted message development for social media distribution and internet strategies that relate to SEO and SEM.

I have over 25 years of experience in traditional media, social media and political media.  I have worked with clients both small and large from 25 to over 30,000 employees.

In the final analysis, I work with my clients to execute their messaging objectives while preserve working capital, and more importantly, precious time. If you're ready to take a new look at how you speak to your potential consumers.  If you want to achieve your objectives while increasing economic efficencies, if you know it's time to move in a better direction, I'd like to join your team and assist you in achieving that goal. 

What are you waiting for?  The only chance you have to improve your marketing is to have a clear idea of where you currently stand. Let’s beging the process of working together to determine the best places to focus your marketing efforts.


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      Eric V. Kennedy

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